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Tarmac Driveways Dublin

Paving Contractors Dublin are experts at installing tarmacadam driveways in Dublin. Our experienced contractors provide free quotes on all tarmac driveway projects in the Dublin area. Ready to get a beautiful driveway today at a discounted price? call for a free quote now!

We have been providing tarmac installation services in Dublin for over 22 years now and have the experience and equipment to get things sorted for your property. 

Give us a call today to schedule a free no-obligation quotation on installing, repairing, maintaining or extending your driveway in Dublin.

With a decent range of tarmac and asphalt alternatives readily available, and machinery completely efficient in laying tarmac on all sizes of tarmac driveways, parking lots, private roads, as well as open areas, be sure we’ve got your property covered. 

Tarmacadam Driveways Dublin

Quality Tarmacadam Driveway Contractors

To begin our process, we need to remove all un-needed surface material, dispose of it, and dig to an ideal sub-soil level. Once completed, we then proceed to cover the area by spreading, leveling and compacting with a minimum of 100 – 150 mm worth of sub-base material. Edging kerbs are put in place around the boundary of the drive or path area. Next, we head onto covering the surface with spread, levelled, and compacted tarmacadam base coating, after which an extra asphalt is placed on top and levelled as well.

We offer free quotation service for customers interested in having a tarmac driveway installed in and around Dublin. It’s time to get the driveway you’ve always desired. Feel perfectly free to call us for some advice and suggestions on what you need to be done. We build driveways that maintain their good looks for many years. You can always reach us via mail or our mobile number.

Any driveway that termed “quality”, Must have a good base, or it would be the start of something very horrible. At Paving Contractors Dublin, we pride ourselves on providing high quality driveways, by combining experience, expert workmanship, high-quality materials only, and modern equipment. Hire us, a top-notch, second to none tarmac contractor in Dublin. We also offer concrete driveways dublin.

Tarmac Driveways Dublin

Patching or Fixing Tarmac

Tarmac as well as Asphalt can be restored. We would recommend that your current Tarmac surface be made good from a strengthening point of view and after that the surface will be covered with our overlay system – A new look with years and years of future usage. At an unimaginable cost!

The new style Tarmac and Asphalts have extremely hard-wearing surfaces that need really little maintenance. We recommend that at least once a year you treat the tarmac with a herbicide to avoid any air-borne seeds from taking growth. A wash down with a solution of soapy water annually will always freshen any driveway surface.

When Is The Ideal Time To Install Tarmac?

Tarmac is an amazing material to use for your driveway because it can be laid anytime of the year and under most weather conditions. In hotter seasons, it takes a bit longer for it to get 100% completely done. By far, tarmac surfaces are one of the quickest and cleanest surfaces to lay with extremely little stress to the home or property owners, once installed, they can be used within just a few hours (but with some precautions in place of course).

Typically, we advise home or commercial property owners against using their automobiles on newly installed tarmac driveways for at least 24 hours (this depends greatly on what the weather is like. In hotter seasons, a longer time frame is required, to ensure everything is installed correctly and no unforeseen issues arise). 

Once tarmac driveways are complete, people can walk on them asap. Different home or commercial property owners have different styles, tastes, and colour choices. We can assist with installing the driveway appropriately, choosing the ideal color as well as selecting other necessary materials.

Tarmac has a bunch of unique features that make it attractive to homeowners such as it is clean and is low maintenance. We supply and set up both tarmacadam and asphalt. Tarmac is popular for driveways, high traffic areas, and industrial projects. Asphalt is popular for driveways as it provides a slightly smoother as well as aesthetically pleasing surface. 

Asphalt Driveways Dublin

Our Tarmac Driveway Installation Process

As the saying goes, if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. Any driveway that isn’t installed properly, mostly because the contractors skip proper ground preparation processes, will sink from the loading on it and would store water in the long run. To begin with, if there’s an existing driveway in place, we might need to remove it. 

If there isn’t an already available driveway, we dig to the desired depth and then go ahead to spread, level, and compact a sub-base material. We also ensure we use only a quality tarmac material to ensure the longevity of the driveway.

Note, each and every material we use are high quality only, we don’t slack on quality. Next, we head on to setup unit/border markings based on your desired selection. Moving on, we pour the tarmac or asphalt while it’s still hot. We level the poured material and carry out roll over it till we’ve got a smooth surface. 

And to complete your driveway area, we compact using a plate compactor or large roller. Call us today for a free quote on your driveway, and get a new driveway at a discounted price!

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